Classification in Learning Math

The knowledge forms and changes through a process. Therefore, it is more important for pupils to learn to connect and to arrange information through experiences and observations than to learn to memorize single facts. A pupil constructs connections actively between new information and his/her own data structure. The more there are these connections, the more useful the information in question is to the pupil.

When approaching a new concept classification gives a good method for student to arrange previous understanding and knowledge.   During classifying pupils begin to arrange the concept on the base of it’s properties. Classifying supports active learning while pupils are talking with their pair or group.

In Paths to Math we use e.g. classification when pupils are approaching a new concept or strengthening one. For example we use this method in classifying solids, surface areas, terms etc.



In general Mathematics is believed to be a field only accessible to people with innate abilities.  Based in experience and results we believe that Mathematics is accessible to all given different methods used for teaching and learning.

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