Open students minds

Pupils are immersed in a systematic way of learning  math using interactive exercises, videos and group activities. Fulfilling all core curriculum requirements students executive pre-algebra, algebra, three levels of geometry, equations, statistics, and much more.
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A smooth introduction to math

Practice locating the treasure under water with using your skills and the coordinate plane.


Ways to find the largest box

Analyze how to find the maximum volume with a fixed surface area, by creating an open box, as squares are cut from each corner.


Where can you find geometrical shapes?

Search the picture below for figures. Which figures can you name?  List the names of the figures that you find in your notebook.


Check your surroundings from different angles

Which method of projection has been used to represent the town on the right? Try later introducing and practicing Cavalier and Soldier perspectives.


Where else can you find symmetry?

The ice hockey team is in the positions shown on the figure. Draw the players in corresponding positions in the other half of the rink. Which is the shortest route to the new position for each player?


Bring the dinosaurs to the same scale as you

Dinosaurs are placed in their right size in today’s world.


Find the shortest way to deliver the post

Planning and describing the shortest path to distribute advertisement. Students use simple ratios to create their own routes.


Instead of 4 guests you got 5- what to do with the recipe?

The theme is food preparation. Using fractions to change recipes.


Re-use and recycle for a cleaner environment

Practical application of mathematics to an important topic to help students understand the need to re-use and recycle.


Survival in any situation

Activities involve using clinometers to measure distance and height.


Address tells your position

The theme is addresses. Describing patterns using like terms.


Find your way without using a navigator

Using a real address from a phonebook, locate it on the coordinate plane. Developing your map reading skills.


Best of Both Worlds

The Finnish Educational system has been consistently ranked among the best in the World, while the United States has long been the key driver for new web-based services. Paths to Math is a superior teaching tool, combining an advanced pedagogical methods with state-of-the-art mobile learning environment.

Step by step teaching guide

Teachers navigate students in the most efficient math learning on the planet using the best practices in pedagogy.  A browser based cloud software founded on the #1 teaching efficient and global leader in Mathematics teaching, Finland.  

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Someone who understands

Maarit Rossi begins her pitch “Did you know students prefer to take out the trash over doing their math homework.”  A former math teacher and principle, author, founder and now CEO of Paths to Math, wants to change the alarming statistic that doesn’t add up – current math teaching only suits 5% of students.
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Price can be less than 1/10 th of average textbook

Cost-efficient solution

Price can be less than 1/10 th of average textbook

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