About Privacy

The European Union’s new data privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th, 2018. Paths to Math is committed to fully comply with GDPR. In our Privacy policy below you will find information on what data Paths to Math collects from its users, and how this data is being used.

Privacy Policy

This document is our Privacy policy (referred as “Privacy policy”).

Paths to Math is a digital service that aims to improve studying and teaching mathematics (referred as “service”). The service is developed and owned by Paths to Math Ltd (referred as “Paths to Math”, or “We”). Service consists of web-based application located at https://app.pathstomath.com/ (referred as “Web app”). We do our best efforts to protect the privacy of the users of Paths to Math (referred as “Users”). This document describes our policy about collecting data, usage of the collected data and the handling of personal information.

Personal information

Personal information (referred as “personal information”) refers to all information from which any individual may, with reasonable amount of work, be identified.
Paths to Math is collecting following personal information from its users:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Organization
  • Sign-up time
  • Last login time


Cookies are small bits of information sent from you to us while using the service. We use cookies to verify the credentials of our users. However, we do not track or monitor our user’s usage of the service.

Contacting our users and marketing

We may send you newsletters or email. The content of such messages are strictly limited to the Paths to Math service. You may opt out any time by contacting us about this matter.


We take security seriously. All traffic is SSL-protected, and the protection of the service is kept up-to-date by IT professionals.

Users right to view, correct and purge all personal information

All our users have right to know what information Paths to Math has about them, ask us to correct any possibly erroneous information and ask all information to be permanently deleted (i.e. purged). If you wish us to take any of these actions, we ask you to contact us (see contact information below). After receiving a request, we aim to take immediate action, or latest act within the lawful limit time.

Sharing personal information with 3rd parties

We do not share any of the user’s personal information with 3rd parties.

Changes to this Privacy policy

We take the right to make modifications and updates to our Privacy policy without notifying you in advance or asking you consent. We keep always the latest version of the Privacy policy on our website. We request that our users time to time visit our website to acknowledge of potential changes in this document.

Contact information

If you have any requests or questions regarding to your personal information or this this Privacy policy, please contact us at info [ a ] pathstomath.com