Meet the Paths to Math Team

We are a group of passionate professionals, dedicated to make the Paths to Math the best math learning environment in the world.

<center>Maarit Rossi</center>

Maarit Rossi

CEO, Founder
<center>Cecilia Villabona</center>

Cecilia Villabona

Author, Partner
<center>Katri Espo</center>

Katri Espo

Author, Partner
<center>Joseph Nshimbani</center>

Joseph Nshimbani

Paths to Math India Director
<center>Jenni Stout</center>

Jenni Stout

Video creation, Math teacher

<center>Jaana Lindfors</center>

Jaana Lindfors

Video editing, Teacher
<center>Otso Kallinen</center>

Otso Kallinen

UX Design, Branding
<center>Ilpo Alanko</center>

Ilpo Alanko

<center>Otto Manninen</center>

Otto Manninen

Technical implementation
<center>Mikko Paltamaa</center>

Mikko Paltamaa

Technical implementation