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Teaching in an App Wonderland

There is clearly a big need for improvement in the current status of mathematics learning in all grades below high school. A major issue is dealing with students’ attention and excitement for working on math problems. Silence and a lack of enthusiasm have become the result, thus narrowing the opportunities for many occupations and careers […]

Make math the favorite subject in school!

Why is math one of the most unliked and even feared school subject among teenagers? Today, students hold the impression that math facts are the essence of mathematics. Many think the essence of math is to get the correct answers, and fast. This has given birth to the idea a fast recall of math facts […]

Can students like routine Math task?

Often students experience calculations of routine tasks as unpleasant and unnecessary. As teachers we know that they need to exercise to get a satisfactory or preferably a good level in numeracy skills. Learning games is one way to make mechanical practice interesting and securing basic skills. In the teaching experiments it has been noticed that […]

Classification in Learning Math

The knowledge forms and changes through a process. Therefore, it is more important for pupils to learn to connect and to arrange information through experiences and observations than to learn to memorize single facts. A pupil constructs connections actively between new information and his/her own data structure. The more there are these connections, the more […]