The Teacher’s Role in Tomorrow’s Classroom

I am not a technology native, not a 21st century learner, in fact I took some time to embrace technology and become comfortable with it.  It was my job as a teacher to be able to communicate with my students, and that was my motivation to start the journey.

My introduction to computers happened over 15 years ago, and currently I celebrate my computer, the Internet, my I-phone, and more in the awareness that I am not the same person, as I ask myself at times if I have lost something important or found some greatness?

The classroom is historically a room where students and teachers meet to exchange knowledge in order to make learning happen.  Let’s ask some out-of-the-box questions:

  • Is the teacher also learning, or only the pupils?
  • Are they all learning the same things at the same time, or are there individual differences?
  • Is the learning self directed and totally individual, or is someone in charge of directing it?
  • Do all parties involved have to occupy the same physical space, or can we be away from each other, connected by a question and/or a computer?

I will share my answers with you, I the one who was first a teacher in a world without computers, the one I am today as I celebrate my electronic devices:

  • A good teacher learns constantly from the students.
  • Learning is a process and it does not happen at once to all involved.
  • Students learn as much from each other’s questions and answers as from the teacher/text/computer/app, etc.

This complexity is one of the many reasons why education is a difficult profession, yet a beautiful one for those who love the challenges and believe that children are the future.

In my opinion there is no substitute for an educated skilled teacher.  Experience is also important.  No computer app, artificial intelligent computer aided instruction program, Internet site or worksheet will educate our students.  Some of these will capture their interests and hold their attention for some time but never will replace the teacher.

I believe the most important element for learning is the teacher-student interactions, all other modern technologies to be used as tools to support this relationship.

With this idea in mind we have created Paths to Math an web-based learning environment combining advanced pedagogical methods with current mobil learning capabilities.

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