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Pupils are immersed in a systematic way of learning  math using interactive exercises, videos and group activities. Fulfilling all core curriculum requirements students executive pre-algebra, algebra, three levels of geometry, equations, statistics, and much more.

Step by step teaching guide

Teachers navigate students in the most efficient math learning on the planet using the best practices in pedagogy.  A browser based cloud software founded on the #1 teaching efficient and global leader in Mathematics teaching, Finland.  

Someone who understands

Maarit Rossi begins her pitch “Did you know students prefer to take out the trash over doing their math homework.”  A former math teacher and principle, author, founder and now CEO of Paths to Math, wants to change the alarming statistic that doesn’t add up – current math teaching only suits 5% of students.  

Price can be less than 1/10 th of average textbook

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Price can be less than 1/10 th of average textbook

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